Jón Rafnsson

Jón Rafnsson has worked in music since his teen years, initially as a self-taught bass player.

In 1976, he began studying classical music at Sigursveinn D. Kristinsson‘s School of Music. There he learned the violin, piano, and double bass until 1983. He then started an advanced programme for double bass performance under Professor Thorvald Fredin in Stockholm. In addition, he studied at the Stockholm University College of Music Education (SMI – Stockholms musikpedagogiska institut), where he completed a degree in 1987.

Since moving back to Iceland from Sweden in 1990, Jón has played various styles of music with equal ease—jazz, blues, rock, and classical.

He is in great demand as a bass player and has played in many recording sessions.

Jón’s work as a music teacher parallels his creation of music.