5 Icelandic Folk Tunes

Góða veislu gjöra skal – Now´s the time for celebration
….. is originally what is called in Icelandic a “Vikivaki” dance tune

Sæll Jesús sæti – All Hail Sweet Jesus
…. is from the “Hymnodia Sacra” or Sacred Hymnal, – a warmhearted, spiritual song book. The book was compiled by the Rev. Guðmundur Högnason from the Westmann Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) and was published in 1742.

Fagurt galaði fuglinn sá – Beautiful was the crow of the bird
The tune is actually called “Beneath the Blue Dome of the Sun” but is better known to us as “Beautiful Was the Crow of the Bird”.  The text, on the other hand, is as poem telling of the last pure bred Icelandic cockerel, which met its end in 1755.

Krummi svaf í klettagjá - The Raven slept in Ravine
…. is a folk song, which probably originates in North Thingeyjarsýsla District. This is the song Icelanders have sung since Jón Thoroddsen composed the series of poems “Krummavísur” (Raven Rhymes) to complement the music

Guð gaf mér eyra – God gave me ears
…. is a folk song much sung in the West Fjords, although most Icelanders recognize  the tune as a popular Sunday school song.


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